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Committee Members

Suraj Ray FCG


Fellow of the Chartered Governance Institute (ICSA), Suraj Ray graduated in Management and Marketing, holds a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB Hons) and a Master degree in Business Administration (MBA Innovation and Leadership).

Suraj Ray is also the Founder and President of AHEAD, a registered NGO in Mauritius actively engaged in sustainable development, mainstreaming People, Rights, World of Work, Education, Environment, Wellness and Living Things. Philanthropist, humanist, trade unionists, researcher and governance professional, Suraj Ray has extensive experience in employment law, industrial relations, human resources, negotiations, counselling and social work for years.

As a governance professional with wide exposure in the ICT Sector, Suraj Ray is well versed and at ease with ICT Laws, data protection, competition law, corporate governance and compliance.

Among one of leading trade unionists in the country for the last few years or so, representing the workers of the country at various national instances and international conferences, and mainly at the International Labour Conference (of the International Labour Organization (ILO)), Suraj Ray is undoubtedly also an active rights activist.

Executive Committee Members

Mr Tapessur Purrunsing
Deputy Chairperson

Tapessur Purrunsing, the Deputy Chairperson of MACOSS, is also a Founder member of CAS till now (2013) Ex.Secretary of CAS. In 1979-1982, Mr Purrunsingh was Council Commissioner of the Municipality of Port-Louis and presided several Commissions. During that mandate, he was on the Board of the Regional Advisory Committee at the Dr. A.G. JEETOO Hospital. He personally intervenes on the radio and in the newspapers on several occasions to fight for patients’ rights specifically in cases of medical negligence which are issues of life and death. Mr Purrunsingh still intervenes as a Social Worker for the welfare of inhabitants through the Local Authority to help them get lighting, patching of roads, scavenging and many others. In 2009 till now he was elected as Representative of employees of Casinos of Mauritius Pension Fund and acted as Secretary in the Fund. He is now the Vice-Chairman of the Health and Safety Committee of the SICMS Ltd and also the Deputy Chairperson of MACOSS.

Mr. Ameene Kodabux, MSK

Ameene Kodabux is the Founder and President of “Mouvement Social de Plaine Lauzun”, an association actively engaged in social work at national level since 2001.

He is a Fellow of the Association of International Accountants, (England) and a Registered Licensed Auditor.  He was a past Board Member of the Mauritius Institute of Professional Accountants and the Financial Reporting Council.

In 2014, he was honored and named as a Member of the Order of the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean (MSK) by the President of the Republic of Mauritius in the field of Voluntary Social Work.  He is a respected and successful businessman and a seasoned tax specialist.

Mrs. Indira Devi Runjeet
Vice Chairperson

A naturopathy practioner who is affiliated with International Naturopathy Organization, India and MACOSS since 2006. Mrs Runjeet has received Government recognition for the contribution in the field of Community Development/ Social Welfare. Her past and current achievements are as follows:

  • Vice President of Mauritius Council of Social Service
  • President of Elderly watch of Vacoas Floreal
  • Vice President of Wooton Social Welfare Cum Resource Centre
  • P.T.A Lapeyrouse G.O.V.T School
  • Assist. Treasurer of Wooton Social Welfare Cum Resource Centre
  • President of Lapeyrouse Community Centre
  • President of P.T.A Lapeyrouse G.O.V.T School
Mr. Yesayah Sunassee
Vice Chairperson

Mr Sunassee is a vice chairperson at MACOSS and member at Force Vive de L’Est. By profession a primary school teacher since 2004 and it’s from there that his love for social service emanated. He has represented Mauritius in various international forums since a very young age. He now concentrates mostly on working for the betterment of the local community within the Force Vive de L’Est. The said NGO is a platform that reaches out to the vulnerable and the field area encompasses children, the disabled, the elderly, other vulnerable groups and also environmental issues.

Mr Jacques Lucien Thomas
Vice Chairperson

Mr Thomas is associated with MACOSS since 2008. He is very dedicated to social work and his past and current notable positions are as follows:

  • Quatre Cocos Village Councilor
  • Moka Flacq District Councilor
  • President of Quatre Cocos Village Council
  • Secretary of Quatre Cocos Senior Citizens
  • Deputy Chairman of Works and Planning Committee of Moka Flacq District Council
  • Chairman Health Committee Moka Flacq District Council
  • Member of Works and Planning Committee M.F.D.C
  • Executive member of MACOSS
  • President of Muvman Solidarité Kréol de L’Est
  • Secretary of Muvman Solidarité Kréol de L’Est
Mr Dharmaraj Bangaleea
Executive Committee Member

Mr Bangaleea is the Secretary of Arsenal Force Vive. He has worked in many sectors and have a wealth of experience finding time to devote in social causes for the welfare of inhabitants of Mauritius.

Mr Umeshlal Basant Rai
Executive Committee Member

Mr Basant Rai is a former retired manager, formerly statistician/System Coordinator, at the Control and Arbitration Department (CAD), Mauritius Cane Industry Authority (MCIA), Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security from 1981 to 2019.

Mr Basant Rai have an MA in Operations Research from the University of Delhi, India 1979) and a BA (Hons) in Statistics from the University of Delhi, India (1977).

Mr Gooheeram Seewonarain
Executive Committee Member

Mr Gooheeram is the President of The Mauritius Telecom Small Shareholders Association. He is also the Vice President of the Telecommunications Employees Staff Association (TESA) Unions. He possesses a diploma in Electronic Engineering-City and Guilds and a Licentiateship Award in Electrical Engineering from City and Guilds.  He has also served as Officer in Charge for Mauritius Telecoms in Agalega.

Mr Nunda Ramasawmy
Executive Committee Member

Mr Ramasawy has a Bsc (Hons) in Social Work from the University of Mauritius and an LLB (Hons) from University of Mauritius.

He is currently the Principal Probation Officer, Probation and After Care Service and Secretary of the Committee for the Management of the Probation Hostel for Boys and Probation Home for Girls.

Mrs Marie Anic Khedoo Prosper
Executive Committee Member

Mrs Prosper has a diploma in Community Services, she has also been teacher in pre-primary Primary School and Secondary School.

She is the chairperson of Movement Civique De La Baie Du Tombeau

Mr Swalay Dinally
Executive Committee Member

Mr Dinally has a Diploma in Social Studies and he is a Welfare Officer at the Municipal of Beau Bassin / Rose Hill.  In his discharge of his duties, Mr Dinally worked with all Social, Cultural, Religious and Senior Citizen Association and NGO`s in the township. He has also represented the Municipality on various Social, Cultural and Religious Committees at Regional and National level.

Dr Jacques Antoine Cunnusamy
Executive Committee Member

Mr Cunnusamy has a degree in Stomatology. He has served as a Dental Surgeon. He has also followed a postgraduate course in pedodontics. After successfully completed the course Mr Cunnusamy was awarded a PhD in Paedodontics.

He has also followed various short term and part time courses during his professional Career as a Dental Surgeon.

Mr Brajendranath Gokool Oopadhya
Executive Committee Member

Mr Gokool Oopadhya is a Deputy Head Master in a Primary School.

Mr Bhavish Dharmveer Munboth
Executive Committee Member

Mr Munboth is a retired airport, Duty Officer. He has more than 40 years’ experience in the Aviation sector.

Mr Kishna Naidu
Executive Committee Member

Mr. Naidu is a member of Children Foundation since 1995. He has been actively involved in various committees at national level.

Mrs Maneeksah Ramkurn
Executive Committee Member

Mrs Ramkurn is a member of Human Service Trust. She is also a self-employed Entrepreneur.

Mr Boodevananda Sanasy
Executive Committee Member

Mr Sanasy is an Accountant as profession. He is director of Admintax Co Ltd. Mr Sanasy is a Professional with a firm commitment to Social Care. His career experiences within practically all sectors of the economy have given him a boost to both professional & social networking which is rooted in a rock-solid background of working with young and vulnerable people from all backgrounds and differing life circumstances.

Mrs Aruna Devi Sobnach Bodhee
Executive Committee Member

Mrs Sobnach has a Bsc (Hons) in Business Management. She is also an executive member at First Aiders Association.

Mr Roshan Rajroop

Mr Roshan Rajroop is an independent and seasoned law practitioner in Mauritius, focusing on all areas of civil and public law. He holds a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB Hons) from University of London. He has worked for 18 years at the office of the Attorney General in Mauritius, State Law Office, Secretary of the Environment Appeal Tribunal and also for the Director of Public Prosecution and has been exposed to all walks of criminal, public and administrative law. Presently, he is the principal of his own practice and have appeared at all levels of the Courts in Mauritius and up to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London, being the ultimate court of appeal for Mauritius. He is currently the President of the Non-Governmental International Organization, DIS-MOI, which militates for Human Rights and the Secretary of the Mauritius Council of Social Service. Mr Rajroop is a certified professional who has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience in various practice areas.

Honorary Officers

Mr Veenace Koonjal
Honorary President

Mr Koonjal holds a Masters’ degree in Economics & Counselling Psychology. He is currently a learner for a Doctoral degree. He has previously served in the private sector as well as in State owned Institutions as Economist, Board Director and General Manager and in the Government, as Senior Advisor to the Minister of Education and Human Resources. He is presently the Managing Director of a Training & Consulting company and as a registered licensed trainer, he offers training programmes in a number of private and public institutions. As an active social entrepreneur, Veenace Koonjal is the President of Children Foundation and has in the past occupied and experienced the following positions amongst others:

  • President of the Mauritius Council of Social Service [MACOSS]
  • President of Sri Sathya Sai Organization Vacoas
  • National Service Convenor of Sri Sathya Sai Organizations Mauritius
  • Manager of the Hindu Education Authority [HEA] Arya Sabha Mauritius
  • President of PTA Aryan Vedic Hindu Aided School
  • Executive member of PTA Dr Maurice Cure State College
  • Life Member of Arya Sabha Mauritius till now
Mr Saheed Thupsee
Honorary Vice President
  • Former teacher at Saint Mary’s College
  • Former Officer in charge of SMEs incubator at SMEDA
  • Business linker at Malaysian Trade Development Corporation
  • Member of Health Advisory of Victoria Hospital
  • Aaleemee Society Founder of NGO
  • Founder of Cardiac Centre Pamplemouses
  • Honorary Freedom of Town Of Curepipe (Citoyenneté De Curepipe)

Mr Goinsamy Naidu
Honorary Vice President
  • Head teacher of Primary Schools
  • Ex.Manager of L.P Govindramen SEN School.
  • Assistant Secretary of the Club Le Flamboyant,
  • President of Grand Port Anti-Corruption Committee
  • Honorary Citizen of L’Escalier.