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Due to a new outbreak of Coronavirus cases, Mauritius has imposed a new lockdown from 10 March to 25 March 2021 to curb the spread of the COVID-19 cases

The situation is ‘not alarming’ says the Authorities but it seems that the government has decided to take bold measures to lockdown the country till 25 March to curb the spread of the coronavirus cases in the country. This is the second lockdown since last year when the COVID-19 cases were first detected on the island.  As of March 5, there have been 4 reported local cases which have now increased to around 56 cases as at 11 March 2021. According to the Authorities, this figure is expected to increase as more cases are being unveiled following contact tracing and tests. The population is expected to strictly observe the sanitary protocols put in place by the Authorities.

It is noted that since the beginning of this pandemic, during the first wave of infections last year in our island, 641 cases had been registered with 10 deaths. The situation was well managed to the extent that Mauritius was declared COVID free. Our people from abroad were called back and the frontiers were opened for business for normalcy to re-establish itself gradually. Unfortunately COVID has again emerged and Mauritius has acted firmly based on lessons learnt.

With the lockdown in effect, the essential services like the police, firemen or health care are being operational with strict measures in place.  The frontliners are performing their best in this disturbing time as they have so admirably been doing since the spread of this virus. To contain this disease, the work access permit (WAP) has also been revamped on https://besafemoris.mu where all information is available concerning the application and distribution of it. The Ministry of Health and Wellness (https://health.govmu.org) is also constantly updating on the situation with the number of rising cases, the number of tests being carried out, appeal to the public to get tested especially those in the highly contaminated areas, the measures to follow to prevent contamination or information concerning the services to contact with emphasis on the hotline number, 8924.

This pandemic is ongoing since 2019 and it is high time to STOP TAKE IT LIGHTLY and focus on  following the basic sanitary measures to put an end to this pervasive diseaseHopefully things will be contained. The population is collaborating in an exemplary manner by many citizens who have been infected by the virus, and are sharing their locations so that others can take precautions and do the necessary tests.

“As One People, As One Nation.”