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PERSPECTIVE on the COVID-19, the support of the Mauritius Telecom during lockdown, the future of NGOs, intercommunity situation, violence in the Mauritian society and the propositions made for the National Budget 2021-2022 by MACOSS.

With decades of experience as an activist, the President of MACOSS, TESA and AHEAD (Mauritius); Mr. Suraj Ray shared his thoughts on the ongoing situation in Mauritius in an exclusive interview with the local press; “LE XOURNAL” (www.lexournal.mu).

With the current global pandemic, every efforts should be commended no matter its size and the Government of Mauritius is doing its best with strategies, actions and also campaign of vaccination to deter the spread of the COVID-19 in Mauritius.

Impact of the COVID-19, NGOs and the future of NGOS are all intertwined currently but Mr. Ray pointed out that, “NGOs strengthen democracies and bring about a balance between the economy and the environment while relying on the social.”

For a detailed reading, please see the interview below.