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The ongoing situation in hospitals right now has sparked a debate on the rights of patients and the health system in Mauritius.

On 22 April 2021, Mr Tapessur Purrunsing, the Chairman of MACOSS Sub Committee of Safety, Health & Wellness and the spokesperson of the “Comité Amélioration de la Santé” – “C.A.S” along with Dr Shyam Purmessur- President of the Medical Council and Dr Dhanraz Gopal- the Regional Health Director of Victoria Hospital, intervened on the Radio Plus platform for its program, “EXPLIK OU KA” as panelists to share their views on the rights of patients.

Mr T. Purrunsing conferred that responsibilities should be shared for a better running of the health system.  The service provided will be better as well as the results.”

This program was broadcasted on the Défimedia Facebook page and website (Défimedia.info) as well as inscribed in its newspaper on Friday 23 April 2021. (See below)

A longtime activist in the domain of health, Mr Purrunsing has occasionally intervened on several platforms to voice out the pleas of patients and made propositions for a better healthcare system in Mauritius. 

To view the whole program, click on the video below.