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Suraj Ray FCG

Chairperson of the Council

Fellow of the Chartered Governance Institute (ICSA), Suraj Ray graduated in Management and Marketing, holds a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB Hons) and a Master degree in Business Administration (MBA Innovation and Leadership).

Suraj Ray is also the Founder and President of AHEAD, a registered NGO in Mauritius actively engaged in sustainable development, mainstreaming People, Rights, World of Work, Education, Environment, Wellness and Living Things. Philanthropist, humanist, trade unionists, researcher and governance professional, Suraj Ray has extensive experience in employment law, industrial relations, human resources, negotiations, counselling and social work for years.

As a governance professional with wide exposure in the ICT Sector, Suraj Ray is well versed and at ease with ICT Laws, data protection, competition law, corporate governance and compliance.

Among one of leading trade unionists in the country for the last few years or so, representing the workers of the country at various national instances and international conferences, and mainly at the International Labour Conference (of the International Labour Organization (ILO)), Suraj Ray is undoubtedly also an active rights activist.